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The Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) develops and shares the knowledge that saves - preventing injuries and loss of life on the roads, reducing related social, health and insurance costs, and safeguarding productivity. We are the Canadian source for international research related to the human causes and effects of road crashes, providing objective and scientific information to support the development, implementation and evaluation of road safety programs, effective advocacy and consultation.

For Government
TIRF provides evidence-based knowledge that leads to smarter policies in preventing injuries and loss of life on roads and highways worldwide.

For Industry
TIRF is your partner in increasing your knowledge capital for safer, more efficient, and trustworthy road safety logistics, technology and products.

For the Public
TIRF is a centre for road safety knowledge to help you and your family be aware of what you need to do to have peace of mind on the road.

For NGOs
TIRF is an independent, objective and credible source for the science required for effective traffic safety advocacy.

TIRF is Canada's road safety research institute. It is a world leader in research, program and policy development, evaluation, and knowledge transfer focusing on the road user and behaviours that result in driver error and account for 80% of road crashes.

TIRF's mission to reduce deaths and injuries resulting from road crashes is achieved by designing, implementing, evaluating and promoting evidence-based strategies.

Since 1964, TIRF has received international recognition and acclaim for its accomplishments related to identifying the causes of road crashes and developing programs and policies to address them effectively.

A special focus is placed on impaired drivers and young drivers who account for a substantial proportion of fatalities and injuries on our roads. TIRF also has expertise in several other contemporary issues ranging from speeding and aggressive driving to driver fatigue and distraction; from driver education, licensing, and improvement to commercial drivers and motorcycle safety, and from driver aging and deficits to vulnerable road users. Learn More about TIRF Areas of Expertise

Established as a registered charity, TIRF is a national, independent road safety research institute governed by a Board of Directors representing the public and private sectors in Canada. TIRF is funded by grants and contracts --earmarked for specific projects -- and sustaining donations to provide services to public and private sectors.

The TIRF team includes leading research scientists and support staff, and administrative personnel. TIRF also has research associates in Canadian and U.S. universities and strategic partnerships with international research agencies that greatly expand its scientific and technical expertise. TIRF maintains several extensive databases, including the national database on persons fatally injured in motor vehicle crashes (funded by State Farm Canada®and Public Health Agency of Canada), and possesses a contemporary specialized library on road safety with access to resources in other jurisdictions.


Having conducted research in several countries around the world, TIRF knows first-hand the importance of tailoring research, policies and programs to the specific local context and environment of road users. It equally recognizes that it is essential to have an intimate understanding of cultural and legal factors that shape decision-making and strategies to reduce road crashes.

In 2013, TIRF established a permanent presence in the United States in order to better meet the needs of the local funders, stakeholders and partners. As a result, Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) USA Inc. was founded - a separate and independent 501(c)3 private charity, able to issue tax receipts for donations.

With the goal of being a leading resource for national road safety research, TIRF USA Inc. focuses on the human causes and effects of road crashes and provides objective and scientific information to support the development, implementation and evaluation of road safety programs, effective advocacy and consultation.

TIRF USA Inc. places a priority emphasis on road user behavior since more than 80% of crashes are caused by human error or condition and works on increasing the understanding of why drivers behave as they do in order to intervene more effectively and help them develop safe driving behaviors.