Did you know?

  • Nearly 1.3 million people worldwide are killed in road crashes each year, and up to 50 million are injured (World Health Organization).
  • In Canada, in 2014, there were 1,834 motor vehicle fatalities (Transport Canada).
  • Road Safety is a public health issue because collisions are a leading cause of premature mortality. Fatalities and injuries caused by collisions represent a preventable burden in terms of human suffering and cost to the health care system. The annual social costs of the motor vehicle collisions in terms of loss of life, medical treatment, rehabilitation, lost productivity, and property damage are measured in tens of billions of dollars. (Transport Canada).

The Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) is a national, independent road safety research institute. Established as a registered charity in 1964, it develops and shares the knowledge that saves – preventing injuries and loss of life on the roads, reducing related social, health and insurance costs, and safeguarding productivity. TIRF is a world leader in research, program and policy development, evaluation, and knowledge transfer focusing on the road user behaviours that result in driver error and account for 80% of crashes.

Like many Canadians, staff at the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) knows first-hand the effect of road crashes. Just like you, many of our staff have either been injured in crashes, or have had family and friends who have been negatively affected. For this reason, TIRF develops and implements proven, evidence-based strategies that can make roads safer for your families and ours.

Driving is a lifelong venture. Most Canadians continue to drive as they age and long after they retire. Think about how much the driving environment has changed since you first got your driver’s licence. How can experienced drivers continue to learn about safe driving habits? TIRF is the only comprehensive source of road safety knowledge that is easily understood, accessible, and freely available to the public to help them keep themselves and their family safe on the road.

For more than 50 years, TIRF has been the leading resource for evidence-based research and expertise on road safety in Canada. The continued support of our valued members and donors enables TIRF to better protect Canada’s most valued assets, its citizens. Your investment in research, program and policy development, and education ensures that our roads are safer for generations to come.

We extend our sincere thanks to all donors supporting TIRF’s research and educational efforts across the country. Your generosity makes it possible for TIRF to increase awareness, knowledge, and understanding if the importance of road safety for all Canadians.

Your support allows TIRF to:

  • Make our educational resources and publications available to governments, health and justice professionals, community groups and schools at no cost.
  • Deliver testimony and evidence-based research to government to guide the development of effective road safety policies that protect all Canadians.
  • Write and publish articles on road safety issues in newspapers, community newsletters, magazines, academic journals, and online forums.
  • Speak to and work with law enforcement, health practitioners, community organizations and media in Canada to help strengthen safety programs. (Donations are not used to cover travel expenses.)
  • Work with the media to accurately and effectively report relevant road safety issues in Canada and world-wide.

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TIRF is a registered Canadian charity. Registered Charity No. 10813 5641 RR0001