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Injury prevention research and activities have grown substantially across Canada during the past 60 years. The Canadian Injury Prevention Curriculum, developed in 2004, has been used to train an expanding network of practitioners. This network has identified a need for an accessible educational resource that includes both research and practice. This resource should be focused on injury prevention in the Canadian context which spans a large and diverse geography and multi-cultural populations, including Canada’s unique Aboriginal population. To develop this important tool, sixty-one authors from across Canada, representing a range of disciplines, were invited to provide a comprehensive overview of each of the areas of injury prevention highlighted in this resource. The resulting synthesis covers important facets of injury prevention research, policy and programming, all of which encompass the art and science of injury prevention.

Section 4 focuses on specific injury topics, including transportation injuries, written by leading Canadian experts. These experts provide brief overviews of each injury topic and highlight the current state of evidence regarding interventions wherever possible. These overviews are meant to be a starting point to understanding specific injury issues, and are not meant to be used as the only source of evidence.

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