International Conference on Distracted Driving


TIRF, in partnership with the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) organized two major, International Conferences on Distracted Driving held in Toronto, Canada. The purpose of the first event in 2005 was to identify rational and effective programs and policies for controlling the problem of distracted driving, based on solid facts about the magnitude and causes of the problem. The goals of the conference were to:

  • determine what is known about the magnitude of the problem, its causes, and consequences;
  • determine what programs and policies can address the problem, and how effective these have been;
  • develop a plan of action for dealing with distracted driving; and
  • improve communication, understanding, and awareness of the issue of distracted driving, and facilitate cooperative action.

In response to the exponential growth in interest since the 2005 conference, and in light of two national public opinion polls which revealed that public concern about texting and driving in Canada had, for the first time, surpassed concern about drinking and driving in 2010, a second event was organized in 2012. This one-day event highlighted current research initiatives from around the world regarding a broad range of distractions, explored lessons learned from legislation and enforcement, and shared experiences drawn from private, public and community approaches to increase awareness and change behaviours. The Conference was designed to bring together international and domestic experts to discuss the latest thinking about distracted driving and examine opportunities to drive changes in social norms and societal perspectives on cell phones and the range of other distractions that pose risks on our roads.

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