Understanding Young Drivers in Ontario: Final Report


The Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) released a new report: ‘Understanding Young Drivers in Ontario: Final Report,’ funded by the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario (MTO). Beginner Driver Education (BDE) was implemented in Ontario to ensure the safety and driving competency of young and novice drivers, as well as to improve road safety for all drivers.

TIRF conducted a survey of young drivers in Ontario aged 16-19 to help MTO determine the effectiveness of its BDE program. The survey was designed to identify similarities and differences in the characteristics and behaviours of young drivers, as well as gather information about their driving skills, perceptions, and influences for three specific groups: drivers who completed BDE and took a time discount; drivers who completed BDE without taking a time discount; and, drivers who did not complete BDE.

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Ministry of Transportation in Ontario

Project Status: Published

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