Road Safety Bulletin ‘Large Trucks and Road Safety: A Question of Size’


TIRF conducted a review of the current state of knowledge related to large trucks and road crashes in response to several information requests about this topic. This publication was made possible through charitable donations. Other donor-funded publications have focused on distracted driving, teen drivers, older drivers and knowledge transfer.

To place the issue of large trucks and road safety in context, this Bulletin provides a summary of some of the latest research about this topic and describes the involvement of large trucks in road crashes, as well as the characteristics of crashes involving large trucks. It also highlights some of the most topical issues of fatigue and distraction and their implications for large truck safety. Improvements and standardization in driver training is one important tool that can help governments and the trucking industry increase the safety of large truck drivers and other road users, and contribute to further declines in crashes.

Made possible by donations

Project Status: Published

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