As Canada’s road safety research institute, TIRF is committed to research and evaluation which are the foundation for knowledge and essential to develop effective strategies that mitigate road injuries. Research is a linchpin to inform legislation and guide the development of evidence-based policies and practices in the real world.

TIRF undertakes more than 20 research projects each year with a strong focus on the behaviour of road users which is widely recognized as a leading cause of crashes. We manage and maintain a National Fatality Database that includes data about road crashes and serious injuries collected from a variety of sources.

Studies undertaken by TIRF are designed to improve understanding of behaviour, as well as develop and evaluate program and policies. Research designs range from interviews and focus groups, to specialized surveys and national public opinion polls, and process and outcome evaluations using the latest analysis techniques. Through its research, TIRF works with diverse stakeholders to identify gaps, develop solutions, and put them into practice. Our research and evaluations help road safety professionals focus time, money and resources on programs and policies that have measurable benefits for society and improve social life.