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Meta-analysis of GDL evaluation studies

“I know, thanks to TIRF’s research and training, that I have the tools to better educate new recruits, veteran members, the public, and the justice system on the whys and hows of dangerous driving behaviours. I highly recommend all police officers and justices read the TIRF research and attend information sessions if they have the opportunity.”

Cst. Stephen Pannekoek – Victoria Police Department, Traffic Section, Community Service Division

“The work we are doing with TIRF and the Action2Zero learning centre they developed with funding provided by Desjardins, may have saved our non-profit. We have been waiting for a comprehensive way to gather intel around community road safety so we can mobilize and support communities to develop a comprehensive road traffic safety plan. TIRF is a trusted road safety research institute and having their expertise support our organization has been invaluable, we hope to continue working directly with TIRF and Desjardins to deploy the Action2Zero assessment in more communities across Alberta and beyond.”

Debbie Hammond – Executive Director, Coalition for Safer Alberta Roads

“We applaud TIRF’s contributions to advancing road safety in Canada. TIRF’s exceptional research, data and insights into road safety topics have been invaluable in supporting our mandate of educating Canadians on road safety through proper tire maintenance and operation, and about the safety advantages of winter tires. Our collaborative relationship with TIRF spans nearly two decades, and we look forward to continuing our working together in the years to come.”

Carol Hochu – President and CEO, Tire and Rubber Association of Canada

“I just wanted to send a quick note to thank TIRF for its invaluable support to the Safer Roads Ottawa program at the City of Ottawa. TIRF has been instrumental in providing initial support for the creation of the Fatal Collision Review Committee (FCRC) and support for presentations to City committees relating to evidence based research on automated enforcement initiatives. Their education initiatives including the community toolkit project and the in person sessions from Drop It And Drive® to well over 25,000 Ottawa High School students have had a profound effect raising awareness in our community about traffic fatalities and injuries in our community. On a national level, TIRF has also been a leader when it comes to the creation of the Canadian Coalition on Distracted Driving (CCDD) and their leadership has had an immense impact on municipalities and how we go about creating safer cities.”

Rob Wilkinson – Manager, Safer Roads Ottawa Program

“Tackling safety issues requires solving complex problems and TIRF’s ability to provide forums to connect government, business, industry, traffic safety agencies, and non-profit organizations helps to identify bold and multi faceted solutions to some of our most persistent road safety issues. The ability to bring together stakeholders in road safety provides an opportunity for collaboration and connection that would otherwise not exist.”

Sara Volo – Team Leader, Special Projects, Ontario Ministry of Transportation

“Our research agenda guides the development of projects to address important topics requiring research and action. Most importantly, TIRF produces a variety of education programs and also works with practitioners in transportation, health, criminal justice, and many other stakeholders to help implement research findings and accelerate change in the real world.“

The Working Group releases: Impaired Driving & Road Safety Leadership Research Paper