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Our Expertise


Our Expertise

TIRF is a world leader in research, program and policy development, evaluation, and knowledge transfer.

TIRF undertakes approximately 30 projects each year focused on behaviours that create risk on the road and which play a role in a majority of road crashes. Our research agenda prioritizes important topics requiring research and action. Most importantly, TIRF works with practitioners in transportation, health and criminal justice to help them implement research findings and accelerate change in the real world.

After more than five decades, TIRF’s vision and commitment are stronger than ever.

With a proven, sustained dedication to improving road safety, TIRF can help.

The overwhelming majority of deaths and injuries on our roads are preventable.

TIRF has worked to improve road safety for all Canadians by generating and sharing knowledge on current and emerging issues and trends that affect road safety. This includes sharing research evidence to inform decisions and action by government, business and industry, traffic safety agencies, and non-profit organizations around the world in the areas of legislation, program and policy development, enforcement, education, and training.

Areas of Expertise

TIRF research staff are skilled in a cross-section of social science and statistical disciplines.
They have conducted studies using the following methodologies and analytical tools:

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