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NEW! Let’s Circle Back to Roundabouts

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Vehicle Size Matters – Sharing the Road with Large Trucks Infographic

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Safe Winter Driving Starts with Winter Tires – Infographic

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Get There. Safely. Mirror Hanger about speeding and The Role of Speeding in Road Crashes fact sheet

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Hands-Free Technologies & Driving – Infographic

Distractions on the Road – Infographic

Seniors as Safe Early Adopters of Self-Driving Vehicle Technology – Infographic / Les aînés, adeptes précoces de la technologie des véhicules automatisés – Infographie

Getting a Safe Ride Home

Drunk Driving: It’s a Women’s Issue Too

How drivers say they will use self-driving vehicles / Comment les conducteurs se comporteraient au volant d’un véhicule automatisé

Young Vulnerable Road Users Infographic

Why Women Drive Drunk Infographic

Alcohol Interlocks – Myths & Facts

  • Watson 2004

Steer Clear of Impairment

  • The ABCs of BAC, NHTSA 2016.

GDL – What Evaluations Tell Us About Longer Learner Periods Handout

GDL-Night Driving Restriction at 9 or 10 pm Handout

GDL For All Novice Drivers Younger Than 21 Handout

  • GHSA (2016) Mission Not Accomplished: Teen Safe Driving, the Next Chapter. Washington, DC: Governor’s Highway Safety Association.

GDL-Supervised Hours (More Than 50) and Log Book Requirements Handout