TIRF undertakes approximately 30 projects each year focused on behaviours that create risk on the road and which play a role in the majority of road crashes.

Our projects aim to measure the prevalence of risk-taking and characteristics of these road users to increase understanding of specific problems.


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TIRF partnered with Diageo North America to establish the Impaired Driving Coalition of Canada (IDCC). The IDCC combines the knowledge and expertise of member organizations, along with innovative educational resources to guide the development of a national action plan aimed at preventing impaired driving. It is a priority for the IDCC to increase public awareness and help drivers recognize the risks associated with driving after drinking.

Last updated: August 16, 2022

The Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) has launched a GDL Framework Safety Center. This new, web-based resource contains a suite of practical tools to help states strengthen young driver safety strategies related to graduated driver licensing, driver education, license testing and in-vehicle monitoring technologies. Based on the latest evidence and best practices, TIRF created this resource with input from experienced young driver stakeholders in three jurisdictions and consultation with Allan Williams. It was made possible through a partnership with the National Safety Council and with sponsorship from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Last updated: October 19, 2018

The Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) has released a new report on the Status of Alcohol-Impaired Driving in Canada. It was made possible with funding from Beer Canada through its continued support of Sober Smart Driving. The report examined current data and trends in alcohol-impaired driving across Canada.

Last updated: December 7, 2018

Every year, donations to the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) support charitable services that help translate research findings into more effective and efficient practices in the real world. This new knowledge is used to improve educational initiatives, inform policy development, and implement evidence-based solutions that help all types of road users stay safe on the roads, particularly in local communities where the effects of road crashes are profound.
The Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) has received funding from the Toyota Canada Foundation to explore the knowledge, attitudes and practices of aging drivers regarding increasingly automated vehicles. Data from focus groups with this population will be collected and analyzed in conjunction with national survey results from 2012 and 2016 to inform the development of tailored educational materials for aging drivers.

Last updated: September 15, 2019

The Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF), with its Drop It And Drive® (DIAD) education program, in partnership with Co-operators, conducted a multi-stage project to reduce distracted driving in Canada.

Last updated: October 28, 2021

An award-winning, interactive distracted driving prevention program for youth, communities, and workplaces.

TIRF’s research & educational tools support the work of communities across Canada.

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