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TRUCE Software


TRUCE Software is designed to eliminate distracted driving and to ensure driver safety. As opposed to in-vehicle monitoring systems, Truce Software enables managers to eliminate driver access to texts, email, handheld calls, games and any other inappropriate app usage, while allowing mission-critical applications through the system.

Auto-response settings to texts and iMessages enable drivers to tell managers they are driving and will respond upon reaching the destination. Incoming calls are sent to voice mail or drivers can respond to calls using hands-free Bluetooth devices.

The application can detect phones within the vehicle and disable all phones or only phones in the driver’s area.

Type of Technology:

Text and call blocking system

Target Audience:

Commercial vehicle drivers

Manufacturer and Country of Origin:

TRUCE Software (USA)


The technology must be purchased and the cost is on a per usage basis depending on the number of drivers using it.

Means of Activation:

The application’s drive tag is situated on the windshield. Fleet managers enter a code to activate TRUCE Software.


Managers can select which restrictions will be applied by the device.


The application can be set to provide different employees with varying levels of protection.

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