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As we welcome the vibrant hues and crisp winds of Fall, this message of change comes at a time when our collective efforts to strengthen road safety practices are more crucial than ever. With the upcoming holiday season already shifting into gear, a focus on sharing the road with all road users can ensure everyone has a reason to celebrate this season.

In the Summer Bulletin, we began this work by creating and publishing resources on safely sharing the road with large trucks (i.e., those who will bring essentials as well as gifts and surprises to our doors). We also have the power to foster a sense of unity among all road users as we travel through our communities by making eye contact and giving others the right of way. We should also be aware of vehicles and people around us and give them the necessary space to maneuver (as in the case of large trucks) and keep appropriate distance from pedestrians and active transportation users (particularly in inclement weather when roads and sidewalks can be slippery).

This is also the time to remind drivers about the benefits of winter tires, and not to wait for snow to arrive. Once temperatures dip below +7°C, winter tires provide superior tire performance compared to summer and even all-season tires. Also, when it comes time to book your vehicle in the shop for the switch to winter tires, be sure to put on a complete set of winter tires because mixing different types of tires can cause a vehicle to fishtail. Our #MySafeRoadHome blog has more tips, information about the benefits of winter tires and this helpful infographic.

Education plays a pivotal role in fostering a safe and cooperative environment on the roads. Whether you navigate the highways by passenger vehicle or truck, you commute by transit, bike, or on foot, understanding the intricacies of sharing the road is paramount. Even passengers have a role to play by helping drivers avoid distractions and discourage risk-taking like speeding or impairment.
Knowing the facts equips individuals to anticipate the unique challenges posed by other types of road users and promotes responsible and defensive habits.

TIRF’s many free resources fill a gap by educating everyone on the road and creating a culture of mutual respect and cooperation. This work ensures that our diverse community of road users can navigate the streets safely and harmoniously, moving us closer to eliminating road fatalities.

I wish you safe travels and look forward to your continued support in our shared mission.

Warmest regards,

Robyn Robertson
TIRF President & CEO

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