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ESRA3 Dashboard & Methodology Report

TIRF is a member of the ESRA Steering Group, a consortium currently consisting of 11 organizations across the world. The initiative is led by Vias institute (Brussels, Belgium).

March 19, 2024 – We are thrilled to present two new features to the ESRA project: the ESRA3 dashboard and methodology report!

After extensive data collection across 39 countries and the development of the country fact sheets, we now published the dashboard to offer you a visual representation of national road safety indicators.

It also introduces some updates compared to the previous dashboard, including a new focus on infrastructure and e-scooter riders, and more data on vulnerable road users.

Explore the dynamic tool via the link below.

Dive into the details of the fieldwork, data processing, and reporting procedures of ESRA3 while gaining valuable insights into the survey samples and quality assurance arrangements in the methodology report.

If you want to join the ESRA community and include your country in future data collections, do not hesitate to contact Let’s improve road safety together!

ESRA (E-Survey of Road users’ Attitudes) is a joint initiative of road safety organizations all over the world. The aim is to collect and analyze comparable data on road safety performance, in particular road safety culture and behaviour.

Any questions? Contact the ESRA Coordination Team via

David Bird

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