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Message from TIRF President – Spring 2024 Bulletin

By: Robyn Robertson

The landscape of road safety has changed tremendously in the past four decades. In the 1980s, top priorities included non-use of seatbelts, speeding and alcohol impairment. These were often the largest contributors to the crash problem irrespective of jurisdiction, and they were tackled by the passage of laws which were strongly enforced in tandem with educational campaigns.

But the road safety environment has become increasingly complex in the last two decades, as knowledge of other risks has grown. Today, there are many more concerns including fatigue, distraction, and drug impairment. There is also a wider variety of modes of transportation sharing the road including e-bikes, scooters and other two or one-wheeled devices.

This situation has important implications for how we address road safety. First, police services have less time and fewer resources to devote to specific road risks. Second, messaging about these risks is more challenging because the science quantifying them is less clearcut, to say nothing of the sheer number of risks now competing for the audience’s attention.

This is why the work we do at TIRF is so important. We help fill these gaps by educating all road users about top risks and providing them with tools to speak up. We see it in everyday conversations staff have with neighbours, employers, community members and even strangers in airports. Simple conversations invariably lead to relating a personal experience and questions about why some behaviours are risky, how much risk they create, and the best ways to stay safe. Whether parents are considering letting their child walk to school, a teen is learning to drive, vehicles are speeding through your local neighbourhood, or there are concerns about an aging parent driving, we all share a concern for safe roads.

Check out TIRF’s website to learn the facts about your top road safety concerns, and thanks to our donors who make this possible.

Warmest regards,

Robyn Robertson
TIRF President & CEO

To access the full TIRF Spring Bulletin Volume 26, Issue 1, visit: 

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