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SafeTalk with SafeStart – S12Ep5 Driving Distractions: Turning Highways into Fortresses of Focus

By: Robyn Robertson as podcast guest on SafeTalk with SafeStart

It’s not just smartphones that lure our attention away from driving, it’s also the design of our vehicles and our brains working against us that cause us to be distracted. Danny sits down with the President & CEO of the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) to discuss.

Host: Danny Smith
Guest: Robyn Robertson

Tune in to S12Ep5 Driving Distractions: Turning Highways into Fortresses of Focus:

About the SafeTalk with SafeStart podcast: It was created for clients to provide guidance on implementing our suite of solutions. This podcast details how to overcome challenges with implementation and how to integrate with current safety management systems by sharing stories, best practices and insights from our clients, consultants and staff.

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