TIRF Research

Established as a registered Canadian charity, Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) is an independent, road safety research institute. TIRF conducts scientific research to identify the human causes and effects of road crashes. It develops and evaluates programs and policies to address them, and shares research findings through a wealth of free educational resources and education programs.

To view a complete list of TIRF research studies that are not available in a digital format click here.

If you would like to receive a copy of a report or article, email your order to: tirf@tirf.ca with the following information:

  1. Code number (e.g., Code 99A)
  2. Your name and mailing address

Some TIRF studies published prior to 2000 may not be available in a digital format, but are available upon request.

There is a minimum charge per order for non-members/donors of $25.00 (Canadian dollars) to cover shipping and handling. For some reports there is an additional photocopying charge.