Distraction – #MyDrivingMatters 2.0 Vodcast: Episode 3

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The third episode in the series is on distraction. There’s a lot of concern about distracted driving on the roads and while much of the focus is on distracted drivers, there’s growing awareness that other types of road users, including pedestrians are also distracted. So, in this episode, we talk about some of the different types of distraction and how they affect our brain and our ability to drive, walk or bike. We also examine beliefs many people have with respect to multitasking and explore whether or not it’s true, or it’s just a myth. Most importantly, we share strategies everyone can use to avoid distractions while they’re on the road and to keep themselves safe.

TIRF educational resources & programs featured at the end of each episode are accessible here: tirf.ca/about-tirf/#TIRFERP

Guest experts:

Cst. Stephen Pannekoek
Traffic Section, Community Service Division
Victoria Police Department


Jacy Good
Advocate for Cell-Free Roads
Hang Up And Drive, Inc.


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Show notes:

Our #MyDrivingMatters 2.0 vodcast series is sponsored by Labatt with co-hosts, Robyn Robertson, TIRF President & CEO, Karen Bowman, TIRF Director, Communications & Programs, and her daughter, Kylee Bowman, a young driver and Lead, TIRF Youth Advisor Program. Episodes in the series are structured to be conversational, engaging, and relatable to Canadians from diverse backgrounds and across all ages. Each episode features at least one guest expert sharing their knowledge and experience on several road safety topics including social norms, alcohol & cannabis, distraction, speed, sharing the road and workplace safety policies. Links to the resources mentioned in each episode are available under Resources.

Vodcast thumbnail design & host caricatures by Kylee Bowman MildlyMadGraphics.com
Vodcast post-production by Diane Akam, dnafilms http://dnafilms.ca
TIRF co-hosts makeup by Erica Harris www.ericaharris.ca

David Bird
Website administrator for TIRF.ca

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