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Social Norms – #MyDrivingMatters 2.0 Vodcast: Episode 5

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The fifth episode in the series is on social norms. We all have the power to change behaviour and positively influence our family, friends and peers. One of the most effective ways to motivate behaviour change is by speaking up about your choice to be safe. In this episode, we help drivers better understand the risks associated with some of their choices on the road such as speeding, distraction, fatigue, or impaired driving, and how those choices can influence the behaviour of others around you. When many of us talk about our choices, this helps create a social norm which is an informal rule governing behaviour in groups and societies. For example, after decades of education about the risks of drinking and driving, the majority of Canadians choose not to drink and drive because it’s believed by the majority to be unsafe and thereby socially unacceptable. This is a social norm. Speaking up encourages all road users to make similarly safe choices.

TIRF educational resources & programs featured at the end of each episode are accessible here: tirf.ca/about-tirf/#TIRFERP

Guest expert:

Jacy Good
Advocate for Cell-Free Roads
Hang Up And Drive, Inc.


Canadian Coalition on Distracted Driving (CCDD), E-hub, Education, Tools & Resources, Infographics

CCDD, E-hub, Education, Tools & Resources, Fact Sheets

TIRF’s Drop It And Drive® education program for youth, workplaces & communities

Community-Based Toolkit for Road Safety Campaigns project

Show notes:

Our #MyDrivingMatters 2.0 vodcast series is sponsored by Labatt with co-hosts, Robyn Robertson, TIRF President & CEO, Karen Bowman, TIRF Director, Communications & Programs, and her daughter, Kylee Bowman, a young driver and Lead, TIRF Youth Advisor Program. Episodes in the series are structured to be conversational, engaging, and relatable to Canadians from diverse backgrounds and across all ages. Each episode features at least one guest expert sharing their knowledge and experience on several road safety topics including social norms, alcohol & cannabis, distraction, speed, sharing the road and workplace safety policies. Links to the resources mentioned in each episode are available under Resources.

Vodcast thumbnail design & host caricatures by Kylee Bowman MildlyMadGraphics.com
Vodcast post-production by Diane Akam, dnafilms http://dnafilms.ca
TIRF co-hosts makeup by Erica Harris www.ericaharris.ca

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