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New educational resources aimed to increase awareness about the risks of alcohol, cannabis and impaired driving

September 21, 2023  – The Impaired Driving Coalition of Canada (IDCC) has released a new infographic and fact sheet to increase public awareness about the different impairing effects of alcohol and cannabis and summarizing the impaired driving risks specifically for younger drivers. In Canada, more than half (55%) of fatally injured drivers tested positive for any drug in 2020 and half of those drivers (54.7%) tested positive for cannabis. Drivers aged 20-34 years were most likely to test positive (TIRF’s National Fatality Database, 2022) of any age group.

TIRF partnered with Diageo North America in early 2022 to establish the Impaired Driving Coalition of Canada (IDCC) and create a National Action Plan. These two new documents were developed to address educational priorities in the Plan. The IDCC combines the knowledge and expertise of 21 member organizations that are working collaboratively to tackle education, technology, and data action items.

When socializing with colleagues after work or with family and friends on weekends, it is important to rely on safe rides, alternative transportation, and sober driving. While these impromptu hangouts can happen spontaneously, your safe ride home should be planned out before your first drink, or cannabis is consumed.

  • Alcohol, Other Drugs & Driving: Know the Facts answers tough questions about impaired driving, why people drive impaired, the risks for younger age drivers, and why it is important for passengers to speak up if the driver is impaired. It also provides information on how alcohol and cannabis, both alone and combined affect driving skills, Mandatory Alcohol Screening in Canada, and the consequences of impaired driving for new drivers.




  • Are you impaired? Zero is the safe choice is a poster illustrating the acute impairing effects of alcohol on driving skills, of cannabis on driving skills, and of alcohol and cannabis on driving skills.

Alcohol, Other Drugs & Driving: Know the Facts is available online at:

Are you impaired? Zero is the safe choice poster is available online at:

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