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New Report: The DWI Dashboard: A Tool to Monitor Impaired Driving Progress

The Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) is pleased to announce the release of the DWI Dashboard Report: A Tool to Monitor Impaired Driving Progress.

In 2013, TIRF undertook the development of a flexible, user-friendly tool to assist U.S. jurisdictions in monitoring their own progress in reducing impaired driving with funding from Anheuser-Busch. The tool, known as the DWI Dashboard, was created by developing an impaired driving model that incorporated a broad range of indicators that research showed can influence progress, including the presence and use of countermeasures, and related environmental and contextual factors. It was then applied in 8 jurisdictions (Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, New York, Oklahoma, Utah, Washington, and West Virginia) to identify the most useful indicators within the model that could be included in the tool. The objective of this work was to help states capture information that they could use to increase understanding of why they are or are not making more progress in reducing impaired driving prevalence, deaths and injuries.

The DWI Dashboard was then critically reviewed at the 10th Annual Meeting of the Working Group on DWI System Improvements, held is Phoenix, Arizona in November 2013. Members helped to review the results from the participating states and provided insight and feedback into the development of the DWI Dashboard along with the eight jurisdictions involved in this project.

Designed to be applied biennially, annually, or on a continuous basis in accordance with the individual needs of jurisdictions, the DWI Dashboard can be used by DWI task forces or committees, highway safety offices, criminal justice practitioners, treatment professionals, and licensing agencies. One of the most important benefits that this tool offers is the opportunity to build much-needed relationships with non-traditional partners whose activities can influence impaired driving, and whose input is essential to gain a complete picture of impaired driving in a given jurisdiction.

It is anticipated that the Dashboard will be further improved based upon its initial application in individual participating jurisdictions.

DWI Dashboard Report – A Tool to Monitor Impaired Driving Progress (15C)

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