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The Traffic Injury Research Foundation USA, Inc. (TIRF USA), in partnership with TIRF Canada and with funding from the Anheuser-Busch Foundation, conducts an annual public opinion poll to gauge behaviours, attitudes and opinions of US drivers in relation to alcohol-impaired driving. More than 5,000 randomly selected US drivers, aged 21 years or older, complete this poll in the Fall of each year. Results of these polls are summarized in a series of fact sheets known as the TIRF USA Road Safety Monitor (RSM).

A range of products are developed including fact sheets on self-reported alcohol-impaired driving, alternative solutions to alcohol-impaired driving and levels of concern about the problem as well as infographics on these topics. Fact sheets examine self-reported alcohol-impaired driving by US drivers as well as the profile and characteristics of individuals who engage in this behaviour. They also explore concerns related to alcohol-impaired driving and perceptions about alternative transportation strategies including, driver familiarity with, and use of, alternative transportation options in the US to avoid alcohol-impaired driving. Findings are widely disseminated through stakeholders, governments and the media to heighten awareness, improve knowledge, change behaviour, and, create demand for action to resolve alcohol-impaired road safety problems. Published fact sheets and infographics are posted to the TIRF USA website project page and are also available directly below with links to the documents hosted on the TIRF USA site.

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