S01E08 #TPStrafficJAM with TIRF Canada discussing Impaired Driving

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On this episode of #TPSTrafficJAM, Toronto Police Service Cst. Sean Shapiro (a.k.a. @voiceovercop on Instagram and @TrafficServices on TikTok) is joined by TIRF President & CEO, Robyn Robertson and Lead, TIRF Youth Advisor Program Lead, Kylee Bowman, to discuss impaired driving and more specifically how it’s perceived by youth today.

Impaired Operation is a criminal offence in Canada and despite decades of education aimed at preventing people from driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it remains an issue on roads around the world.

TIRF data:

16 to 19-year-old’s are less likely than all age groups to drink and drive, although still almost 28% of this age group killed in fatal crashes test positive for alcohol. But, then when you look at the 20 to 24-year-old age range it goes up to almost 43%. – Robyn Robertson


Cst. Shapiro – Kylee, why do you advocate for driving sober?

Kylee – The risk is never worth that easy ride home. There are just so many other options. Yes, taxis are expensive, but it’s worth making it home alive. And, also it’s not just about you when you go out and drive drunk or impaired, it’s that you can hurt somebody else, you can hurt a whole family. It’s no longer just about you.

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